RPCC Library participates in the LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing Service, which enables our faculty, staff, and students to borrow physical materials from other college and university libraries around Louisiana. Qualified users, after obtaining a LOUIS card from their home library, may visit other member libraries to borrow materials.The card is issued on a semester basis. Note that not all libraries may loan to undergraduate students and they may also limit the types of items may be borrowed. Please see the LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing Chart to see which institutions will lend to faculty and undergraduate students. RPCC Library Services reciprocates at Level 4, and will lend to Faculty/Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduates from other institutions. RPCC undergraduate students may borrow materials from institutions that lend to undergraduates from other institutions, levels 3 and 4. Level 3 libraries will lend to undergraduates who present additional documentation, "a letter from the Director of the home institution library. The length of time for which such privileges are requested will be included in this letter."

By submitting this request and receiving the Louis Reciprocal Borrowing Library Card, the cardholder agrees to:

  1. Follow the borrowing policies of the lending library;
  2. Honor due dates of materials, including Recalls, as set by the lending library;
  3. Be responsible for any fines or fees incurred due to failure to return items by the due date, damage, or loss of materials borrowed.

Please see the LOUIS Agreement for Reciprocal Borrowing for more details.

Once the request form has been submitted, the user will pick up their card (and letter if an undergraduate) from the RPCC Library Service Desk on the Gonzales Campus in person; photo ID will be required. Cards are not transferable and will not be delivered to a third party.



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By submitting this request:

I acknowledge that I am a current RPCC faculty/staff member or student and I understand the following:

  • I am responsible for adhering to the RPCC Library and LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing agreement
  • I will follow the borrowing policies and procedures of the lending library
  • I will return borrowed materials by the due date specified by the lending library and in the same condition in which it was received
  • I will be responsible for any fines or fees incurred.
  • Failure to comply with the stated policies may result in revocation of Reciprocal Borrowing privileges.