Professor Ross YouTube Channel   This channel is devoted to sharing videos that illustrate psychological concepts and will hopefully be used by educators throughout the world. The channel is maintained by Professor Steven Ross of Owens Community College in Toledo, OH.

Luvze   A website with the latest psychology news, infographics, and research highlights

Self assessment tests - Psychology    A selection of tests that students can take to get information about personality variables, aptitudes, and interests.

Queendom   Scientifically developed and validated personality tests and quizzes.

The Assessment Triangle   This learning resource is intended to introduce you to the Triangle so that it may help you order your impressions (or assessment) of both a child's needs and her aspirations.

The Big Five Personality Test

Drugs and the Brain  This site provides great animations in a tutorial format. The Learning Object (LO) is a great teaching tool because it gives a comprehensive view of drug interactions in the brain.  It shows the information in an organized way to help facilitate learning.  It has animations that go along with text and the user can select from 15 different languages.  The user can easily choose which drug they want to learn about, and go at the pace that is best for them.

Mind Tools