Faculty may request that physical materials be placed on reserve in the Library for the use of their students in specific courses. Instructors may request physical materials from the Library's collection or provide personal copies. Please submit one form per course.

General Procedures and Policies for Reserve Materials:

  • All materials to be placed on reserve will be at the request of faculty solely for the non-commercial, educational use of their students officially registered in their classes
  • Materials will be processed in the order that they are received.  Please note that it may take 2 days for materials to be ready for student use.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all reserve materials will circulate for 2 hours, library use only.  If this does not meet your students’ needs, please specify the terms, e.g., 4 hours, overnight, etc.  The terms of circulation are at your discretion.
  • Please note that Reference materials are usually not placed on reserve.
  • Lengthy works will not be copied or scanned for reserves. While excerpts from a book that the Library owns will not be placed on reserve, the book itself will be.
  • Copies of articles provided for reserve must include complete bibliographic information and copyright clearance as needed. An alternative would be to place the entire issue on Reserve, if available. Reserve materials will not be made available either before the semester starts or after it has ended. 
  • Copyright notices will appear on-screen for electronic reserves and on print copies of reserve materials showing that they may be covered by copyright law.
  • Instructors are responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for items not owned by the library that are placed on reserve for more than one semester; contact the copyright owner or the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Dr., Danvers, MA 01923, www.copyright.com.

Materials (photocopies and packets, in particular) placed on reserve must comply with copyright law, regardless of the format.  Please see Chapter 1, Section 107 of the U. S. Copyright Law, and the U. S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index. The fair use provision does not cover the placement of a photocopy of copyrighted material (including articles or excerpts from books) on reserve for more than one semester unless copyright clearance has been obtained. However, this does not apply to copies of articles from journals to which we subscribe, either in print or electronically.  While every effort will be made to provide legal access to an electronic copy of articles, we will also provide one print copy of such an article for checkout as requested.

The following items will not be placed on reserve:

  • Instructor or advanced review copies of textbooks
  • Course packets that may contain materials for which copyright clearance has not been obtained.
    • It is the instructor's responsibility to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.
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Instructor & Course Information

The form provides entries for up to 4 titles. If you have more than 4 titles to place on reserve, list these in the Additional Comments section following Item 4.