River Parishes Community College Library

Proctored Testing Services

Library Services provides proctoring for several kinds of tests including Make-up Exams, Online Course Exams, Special Needs, and Credit by Examination. Appointments are required. Proctored Testing appointments are limited to two hours or less. Note that not all accommodations can be met by Library Services Proctored Testing. Alternatives are available on an individual basis with Student Services or TRIO.

Important: Consult with your instructor BEFORE scheduling an appointment.

On campus testing is limited to 12 students per session on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.

RPCC students must go to Proctored Testing on Canvas to schedule appointments on campus with the Library (login required).

Proctored Testing Help is a step-by-step guide for making appointments.

RPCC Students may also schedule a proctored test with ProctorU, a fee-based service for online proctored testing only and at the instructor’s discretion. Not all online instructors will use ProctorU. Check with your instructor. While it allows more scheduling flexibility, it also requires certain conditions and equipment. Visit Proctored Testing in Canvas or RPCC ProctorU and Proctored Exams Options for more information on utilizing the ProctorU service and the fee schedule. Note that the fee schedule is only available in Canvas. RPCC does not provide computers with webcams, which is needed to use ProctorU.

Non-RPCC students should email the Library at Library@rpcc.edu for appointment information. Proctoring Testing appointments with the Library will NOT exceed two hours.

Making Your Appointment with Library Services

In order to take a proctored test administered by Library Services staff, STUDENTS MUST :

  • RPCC Students: Make an appointment at least one day prior to taking the proctored test by scheduling on the RPCC Proctored Testing Calendar in Canvas
  • Non-RPCC Students: Contact Library@rpcc.edu far enough in advance in order to ensure that we receive all testing information/documentation from your instructor and/or institution.
  • Show up at your appointed time – No tests will be started early or more than 10 minutes late
  • Provide a valid picture ID to a Library Services employee
  • Identify the instructor and course for the test
  • Sign the Proctored Testing Form included with the test

NO cell phones, laptops, PDAs, caps or hats, personal items, or talking allowed.

Important: If a student fails to show up for an appointment or cancel before the appointment time, the test will be returned to the instructor immediately after that missed appointment.

Any test NOT taken within one week of being dropped off by an instructor will be shredded.

Instructors are responsible for providing Library Services with all materials and instructions needed for the student to take a proctored exam.

If an exam is not available for the student, it is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructor to inquire about the status of making the test available.

After the student completes an exam, all testing materials must be returned to the proctor.

Library Services Proctored Testing Form (Fillable PDF)

Note that fillable forms may not work as expected in all browsers. Open in Adobe Reader to complete, then print or save, and submit as needed. If you are submitting forms to Library Services via e-mail, please choose “Save as” and rename the file accordingly before sending to library@rpcc.edu. Please report any issues that you encounter with this form to library@rpcc.edu.

All tests and proctored testing forms must be delivered by instructors. We will not accept either tests or testing forms from a student.

Proctored Testing Schedule:

Proctored testing appointment times vary due to campus or Library scheduled events, or staff availability. Check Canvas, Proctored Testing for the schedule. Appointments are usually made available a week ahead.

Two proctored testing sessions a week will be available depending on staff availability. Three proctored testing sessions may be offered during mid-term testing and final exam weeks.

RPCC students MUST make an appointment to take a Proctored Test on the RPCC Proctored Testing in Canvas.

Non-RPCC students should email the Library at Library@rpcc.edu.

Proctoring Testing appointments are limited to two hours or less, as set by the instructor.

Testing is limited to 12 students per session on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions.